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Buckeye Show Circuit


2024 Show Schedule

January 12-14
February 2-4

Madison County Fairgrounds | London, Ohio

Thank you for participating in our 2024 circuit! We hope to see you next year! 
Final standings and results are here.

About Us

The Buckeye Show Circuit, was created in 1990 with the purpose of having winter swine shows so exhibitors could participate in raising and showing pigs all year round. Since 1990, many other show circuits have been created around the state and country as showing pigs year round has become the new ‘normal’ in the industry.

The Buckeye Show Circuit offers two weekends in January and February for exhibitors to come and exhibit their show pigs each year. Over the two weekends, there will be 4 shows and will offer showmanship, breeding and market classes, skill-a-thon and a judging contest.


THANK YOU to all of our sponsors! Without you, we couldn't run our circuit the way that we do! 

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please get in touch! 

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Leanna: (740) 837-6603

Sherri: (740) 572-6248

Renee: (937) 302-0419

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